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Energy renovation of the Minerva – the largest project in Croatia

04.09.2019. Today, as part of the inaugural conference, a visit was organised to the construction site of the largest energy renovation project in the Republic of Croatia – Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Minerva in Varaždinske Toplice. The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund has provided technical assistance in applying this project for EU funding, monitoring and control of the overall implementation in the capacity of Intermediate Body level 2.

After the visit to the construction site, a conference was held and speeches delivered by deputy director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Alenka Košiša Čičin-Šain, administrator of the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Varaždinske Toplice, Denis Kovačić, head of Varaždin County, Radimir Čačić, and assistant minister of health, Gordan Žanić.

The project is financed from the European Fund for Regional Development, and the investment following the public procurement procedure is worth HRK 82.5 million.

“Energy renovation of the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation is the largest public building energy renovation project in Croatia. Annual consumption of primary energy in the facility Minerva will be reduced by 59.66% compared to the annual consumption of primary energy before the implementation of energy renovation measures. The emissions of CO₂ will be reduced by 58.44%, while the energy efficiency of the building will be improved from the current rating of E to energy category A+. In cooperation with the Fund, European resources have so far been approved for more than 1300 buildings amounting to HRK 1.5 billion in grant funding,” said deputy director of the Fund, Alenka Košiša Čičin-Šain. She added that savings in these types of projects amounted to a minimum of 50 percent, and quite often to more than 60% for heating energy, and that they would certainly contribute to the national GHG emission balance.

“Renovation works on the hospital are in full swing, so I am positive that we will open the hospital in precisely one year, according to the deadlines. The Minerva will get a new envelope, and an integrated rooftop solar power plant will be installed. The heating system will be upgraded, as well as the ventilation, cooling and the AC systems, and the central surveillance and control system will be put in place. Moreover, the interior lighting will be replaced with the new, highly energy efficient LED lighting. All of this will contribute to the main objective, savings on energy generating products, and all our users and staff will be able to enjoy a new level of comfort in a building opened back in 1981, after which there had been no major investments,” said administrator of the Special Hospital, Denis Kovačić.  

“We have been granted EU funding, and this result would not have been possible without cooperation with the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund and its expert service department that helped n preparing documentation, which is a very challenging process. This is a huge intervention spanning 30 000 square meters; more than 600 new doors, windows and glass walls will be installed, 14 000 squares meters of thermal insulation, and almost 4 000 highly efficient LED lights. We will save more than one million kunas a year in overhead costs. After energy renovation, we will continue with investments in the interior of the facility. The aim is for the building to become a “4-star” facility, because we already have the right to commercially use 20% of capacities, and after five years the entire facility will be on the market,” said head of the County, Čačić. He added that construction works on the new object, the National Rehabilitation Centre for patients with spinal cord injuries, were worth HRK 107 million, and that the renovation of other objects of the Special Hospital had started, so the overall value of investment totalled HRK 240 million.

The Minerva was built 1981 and it has 400 beds in 260 rooms. More than 30,000 square meters will be renovated under the EU project and the contractor is the company Radnik građevinarstvo i građevinska industrija d.d. Križevci.