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Recycling yard Meka in Ludbreg has been opened

09.10.2018. The citizens of Ludbreg now have the opportunity to dispose their waste at the new recycling yard. The opening ceremony was held by the mayor of Ludbreg Dubravko Bilić, Director of the Fund Dubravko Ponoš, and State Secretary for the environment Mile Horvat. On the operational level, the project worth HRK 5.5 million was implemented by the Fund’s Intermediate Body level 2, and it was co-financed from the European Cohesion Fund. The remaining 15 percent of investment was provided by the Town of Ludbreg through the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds.

This is just a single segment which is crucial for establishing a sustainable waste management system. If we fail to adopt a systematic approach to this process, we will fail in achieving the set goals. However, along with establishing the required infrastructure, such as sorting plants, composting plants, waste management centres, and purchase of containers for separate waste collection, we will have to put in additional efforts educating the citizens. Because all of this will just be empty words unless we educate the citizens and encourage them to use the available infrastructure, and to realise the importance of environmental protection. We are a tourism-oriented country, we have breath-taking seaside and countryside, and our primary goals should be to preserve our nature in this state”, said Dubravko Ponoš, the director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

The mayor of Ludbreg pointed out in the opening ceremony that this was an important event in fostering Ludbreg’s environmental commitment. “We have initiated all environmental protection projects about six years ago, and we have had good cooperation with the Fund over that period. The results are visible. Landfill remediation is one of the most beneficial projects in this part of Croatia.  Green and sustainable management is our goal, as well as taking care to leave behind a Ludbreg that people will want to live in, and others will want to come to. I hope that all this that we have achieved together will be a pledge for our future cooperation, since we have many more projects that are yet to come”, said Mayor Bilić.

“According to the results of the open call, which is still ongoing, so far the construction of 83 recycling yards has been financed from EU funds, for which around HRK 207 million was allocated”, said State Secretary Mile Horvat.