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Remediation of landfill Nemetin in Osijek

25.11.2019. The project of remediation and closure of non-hazardous waste landfill Nemetin, worth HRK 37.8m that should be completed in the next 13 months, has been presented today at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Osijek. Non-hazardous construction and bulky waste was disposed on the landfill Nemetin in the period 1990 – 2011, and during this period 366 cubic meters of waste had been disposed on the 7 ha surface area.

85% of the project value will be financed from the European Cohesion Fund, 10 per cent of funding has been secured by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, while the remaining resources will be provided from the Osijek city budget. The deputy mayor of Osijek, Boris Piližota, pointed out importance of this project was in his speech, as well as Minister of Environment and Energy Tomislav Ćorić, and Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund Alenka Košiša Čičin-Šain.

“I am convinced that after the contract is signed with the contractor, the works will be completed in the contract period, and that in just over a year we will all meet here again, but in a location that will be developed and completed. Simultaneously with this, the Fund is working together with Osijek on the preparation of documentation for remediation of landfill Sarvaš, so that this project could also be applied to EU financing”, said Deputy Director Alenka Košiša Čičin-Šain.

She pointed out that when talking about establishing the waste management system in general, Osijek is very often pointed out as an example. Osijek is among the first towns to implement separate collection in multi-residential buildings, and recently two new recycling yards have been opened in the town area, a new composting plant has been built, and the town is investing in the education of the citizens. In addition, design documentation is being prepared for the regional waste management centre Orlovnjak and all activities are aimed at rounding off the system based on environmental sustainability.

In his speech, Deputy Mayor Piližota pointed out that the preparation process and the procedure for all the necessary permits started on time in order to fulfil the condition for applying the project. “In the middle of last year, based on the design whose preparation was fully financed from the resources of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, we obtained the building permit. In September last year we applied the project for EU funding, and shortly afterwards we signed the agreement on co-financing with the Ministry of Environment and Energy and other stakeholders” - said Piližota, adding that the goal is to close one of the hot spots which has a negative impact on the environment.

“From the viewpoint of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, this is money exceptionally well spent. We are expecting the landfill will be fully remediated, and the hot spot to be repurposed in the future for sports and leisure activities. The Town of Osijek and the utility company have been recording good results regarding waste management and creating a comprehensive waste management system, which is supported by the opening of two new recycling yards, at which I was present recently,” said Tomislav Ćorić, the minister of environment and energy.