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Applications for co-financing of energy renovation of family houses start tomorrow  

31.08.2020. The official application process for the citizens to the call for co-financing energy renovation of family houses, for which the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund has provided grant funding of HRK 203 million, starts on Tuesday, 1 September, at 9:00 hours

The official application process for the citizens to the call for co-financing energy renovation of family houses, for which the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund has provided grant funding of HRK 203 million, starts on Tuesday.  

The Public Call was published on 25 June, but the official application process starts tomorrow, on 1 September at 9:00 hours. It should be underlined that all interested citizens and energy auditors should make the final check on whether they have uploaded the required documentation in order to be fully prepared for the official start of applying to the Call.

“I am confident that many citizens and energy auditors are ready and waiting,” said Director of the Fund Siniša Kukić. He said that this year the applications can be submitted solely in electronic form and that the citizens interested in energy renovation should register and create the user account in the Fund’s public calls e-Application system. In the system, they have to fill in the application form and upload the required documentation, with the application process itself starting on Tuesday at 9.

With a grant of up to 60%, the citizens will be able to get co-financing for the insulation of the building envelope, which can also include roof replacement if a heated attic is below. The citizens can also apply for window replacement, which can be partial if the properties of rest of the windows comply with the requirements set out in the Fund’s Call. The co-financing of the RES systems will be approved only if one of the measures on the house envelope is also implemented, while for all those who do not need interventions on the envelope, it should be useful to learn that the Fund is also planning to publish a separate call just for these systems.

Eligible applicants for the energy renovation grant must be the owners of the houses with the registered residence at the address, with more than 50% of the surface area used for living, and with no more than three residential units, or the surface of 600 square meters. To be eligible, the houses in the continental part of Croatia must fall in the energy category D or lower, and in the coastal part of Croatia in the energy category C or lower. In addition, to be eligible, the applicants must prove that the house is legal, which is in most cases proved by the use permit or the final Decision on as-built state. In some cases, other evidence shall be acceptable, as elaborated in the text of the Public Call. It is not possible to apply if the house is under construction, i.e. not built, or if the residence was registered at the address only after 1 June 2020.

In order to start with the energy renovation process, the citizens first had to hire an energy auditor to carry out the energy audit and establish the condition and energy category of the house. Then the energy auditor recommends the specific energy efficiency measures, which comply with the Public Call of the Fund. Based on the recommendations from the energy auditor, the citizens had to obtain the quotes for the measures they wanted to implement on their house to achieve savings. The quotes should contain the key coefficients required by the Call for the windows, individual parts of the insulation, with VAT or net of VAT if the contractor is registered in the VAT system. All planned interventions are entered in the Technical sheet of planned interventions, the document published on the Fund’s website, alongside all other statements that have to be attached and signed, and which also has to contain the information from the Report and the contractor’s quote for each energy renovation measure.

The citizens who have collected all the required documentation and prepared electronic copies of the documents shall enter the information in the online application form, and then upload the documents in the designated field. The application form explains which documents should be uploaded into which category and the Fund has also made a useful video with detailed instructions for the registration and application process, which is available on the Fund’s website and the Fund’s YouTube channel - https://youtu.be/U57QqqjPsuI.

For the citizens who cannot do all of this on their own, the electronic application can be completed by the chosen energy auditor. The Fund has provided 500 kunas for this service, which will be paid to the auditor if the application for co-financing is successful, meaning if the user is approved funding and once the renovation project is completed.