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Children’s Creative Centre opened in Pula

19.10.2020. Today the Children’s Creative Centre was reopened in Pula, following the renovation works worth HRK 10m. HRK 2.7 million was secured from EU funding, while the remainder was provided by the Town of Pula. The attendees at the event included the deputy mayor of Pula Robert Cvek, the deputy Istria County mayor Fabrizio Radin, and Maja Rajčić, the head of Intermediate Body level 2 at the Fund.

In compliance with all epidemiological measures, on 19 October the renovated and modernised Children’s Creative Centre was opened in Pula. The event was attended by the deputy mayor of Pula Robert Cvek, the deputy mayor of Istria County Fabrizio Radin, and Maja Rajčić, the head of Independent Service – Intermediate Body level 2 at the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

The works on the overall renovation of the Children’s Creative Centre, which used to be called the “Pioneer Centre”, are worth HRK 10 million. HRK 2.7m of grant funding was secured from EU sources, while the rest of the funding for equipment and furnishing was provided by the Town of Pula. The works were completed on time, at the end of September, giving the children of Pula the opportunity to spend their time in space up to the highest standards, and in line with their desires and needs.

The deputy mayor of Pula Robert Cvek expressed his satisfaction that after one year of works, the long-awaited renovation of the Children’s Creative Centre, that was one of the favourite places for generations of children, had been finished. Fabrizio Radin said that he was familiar and had been following the work of today’s Children’s Centre since 1997, congratulating Pula on providing adequate conditions for many creative people and enthusiasts. 

Maja Rajčić, as the representative of the Fund, said that with this example the Town of Pula had truly proved itself to be a Child Friendly City, taking all the necessary measures to keep this title, including improving energy efficiency through the energy renovation of buildings, which was very important to the Fund. She announced that projects like that one would continue to be supported in the upcoming period, in accordance with the new European Union strategy entitled “A Renovation Wave”.

The Children’s Creative Centre was renovated under the Programme of energy renovation and use of renewable energy sources in public buildings of the European Regional Development Fund, more specifically the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State assets and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. The energy renovation of the building was co-financed with HRK 1.4 million, and additional funding of almost 1.3 million kunas were secured under the Public Call of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds for co-financing the implementation of EU projects at regional and local level in 2019.

The energy renovation included the installation of energy efficient façade and replacement of deteriorated joinery, replacement of the entire roof and installation of thermal insulation, installation energy efficient lighting, and reconstruction of the boiler room to use the more efficient natural gas system.

Apart from the energy renovation, the entire interior and exterior of the object have been renovated. All walls and ceilings were repaired, toilets have been adapted for persons with disabilities, the stage of the Orange Theatre was renovated, new seat were installed in the auditorium, the exterior around the building was landscaped, the entire yard is lighted by LED illumination, and a modern outdoor court was built.

During the execution of the renovation works, the users of the Children’s Creative Centre were temporarily housed in adequate locations; as of today the Orange Theatre, the Choir “Zaro and Company” and Association Naša djeca can continue with their activities, while the area of the Children Library will remain to be part of the Pula Town Library and Reading Room.