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e-Consultations on Amendments to the Programme of energy renovation of family houses

15.01.2020. The Draft amendments to the Programme of energy renovation of family houses is open for e-Consultations, based on which the Fund will continue with the co-financing of this programme. The total allocation for energy efficiency measures and RES in family houses amounts to HRK 142 million and it is expected the call will be invited during the spring.

The Draft amendments to the Programme of energy renovation of family houses for the period 2014 – 2020 has been published on the e-Consultations portal. After the document is adopted by the Government of the Croatia, it will be the basis for the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund to launch the public call for co-financing energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources in households. HRK 142 million will be made available to the citizens under this programme.

As the proponent of the programme, the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning is planning to earmark HRK 28.4 million from this amount for the vulnerable groups of citizens who are at risk of energy poverty, while the remaining part of the allocation is planned for other owners of family houses.

The financing will be adjusted by the Fund accordingly. Energy efficiency measures for socially vulnerable citizens will be financed in the amount of 100%, while for others the rate of co-financing will amount to 60%.

Family houses eligible for the public call for energy renovation will include the houses where more than 50% of gross floor area is intended for living, and with no more than three housing units, or with gross construction area less than or equal to 600 m2. The family house has to be legally built or legalised, and the possibility to apply will depend on the energy category of the object. The public call will be open for family houses in the continental part of Croatia classified in energy category D or lower, and for family houses in the coastal Croatia classified in energy category C or lower.

Within energy renovation of houses, resources will be allocated for co-financing the following measures:

- increasing thermal protection of all elements of the building envelope of the conditioned area;

  • energy renovation of the external wall, ceiling, floor, roof (all necessary equipment and works related to improving thermal insulation, including waterproofing, replacement of structural elements for roofs, etc.);

  • replacement of degraded windows of the conditioned area with new ones

    - an integral energy renovation, implying a combination of measures for the building envelope and installation of the following RES systems:

  • systems with solar thermal inverters;

  • wood chip/pellet systems;

  • air/water, water/water, or earth/water heat pumps;

  • photovoltaic systems for generating electricity for own consumption.

    Inviting a public call is expected during Q1 2019. The text of the call will elaborate on all technical requirements, content of the documentation, and the method of application.

    A similar programme was implemented by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund in 2015, resulting in around 9 300 renovated family houses across Croatia.