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Fund promoting the purchase of energy efficient vehicles for public transport and vessels with HRK 130 million

06.10.2020. After the call for co-financing electric vehicles and charging stations, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund launched new public calls aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in transport. This time, the co-financing is provided for energy efficient public transport vehicles, and for vessels using alternative fuels.

The Fund will make available HRK 100 million for the purchase of energy-efficient public transport vehicles to the units of local self-government and companies in their ownership. An additional HRK 30 million has been allocated for energy efficiency in maritime transport, and along with the local and regional self-government units, this call is open for state administration bodies, other budgetary and extra-budgetary users, as well as companies and trades and crafts.

Potential applicants will be able to get up to 40% of co-financing for their projects, i.e. up to HRK 40m for public transport vehicles running on alternative fuels, and up to HRK 10m for the purchase of efficient vessels. The application process for the call for co-financing of public transport vehicles starts on 19 October at 9:00, and for the purchase of vessels on 29 October at 9:00. 

Eligible public transport vehicles fall in the M2 and M3 categories with electric and hydrogen drives. The introduction of electric vehicles in the public transport is a growing trend in many European cities, and hydrogen-powered busses can already be found in London, Frankfurt, Cologne, Milan, etc. They are characterised by high efficiency and no harmful emissions, since they emit only water vapour, and they are significantly more cost-efficient compared to conventional busses.

In the similar vein, some Croatian national parks and nature parks can already pride themselves on using efficient vessels, and the visitors can enjoy a quiet ride in modern electrical boats with no negative environmental impact. Under this programme, the Fund will co-finance electrical and hydrogen-drive boats, regardless of their purpose, meaning passenger, fishing and freighters, boats, yachts or public transport and cargo ships.

The purpose of this programme is to facilitate and speed up the transition to low emissions mobility, complying with the Strategy for a Sustainable and Smart Mobility. Transport is an important branch of industry contributing to tourism, economic growth and profit, but it is also responsible for high CO2 other GHG emissions, the emissions of harmful particles, and noise pollution. The aim of the EU strategy is to reduce CO2 emissions by 2050 to 60% below 1990 levels. This also implies reducing the emissions of suspended particulate matter from transport that are detrimental to health, and reducing noise pollution; the introduction of digital technologies should also reduce traffic congestions and increase transport safety in general.

That is the reason why the Fund will supplement these programmes with the Public Call for co-financing the promotion of integrated and smart transport and alternative fuels infrastructure development at local and regional level worth HRK 30m, which is also planned at the end of October.

More information about both public calls can be found at http://www.fzoeu.hr/hr/nacionalni_javni_pozivi_i_natjecaji/