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New recycling yard in Velika

06.07.2020. The representatives of the Fund attended the ceremony of opening of the new recycling yard in Velika worth HRK 3.3m, co-financed with 85% from the EU grant. This is the fourth recycling yard, together with Požega, Pleternica and Jakšić, in Požega-Slavonija County.

The new recycling yard will allow the citizens from the area of Municipality Velika to dispose of more than 30 types of separate waste, thus preserving the nature and the environment. The majority of this type of waste, that will now be disposed in the recycling yard, had been discarded in the nature in uncontrolled dump sites.

Minister of Environment and Energy Tomislav Ćorić was present at the ceremony of opening the recycling yard with the head of Municipality Velika Općine Velika Vlado Boban, together with Andrea Bartolić and Ljiljana Bukovec, the secretary of the Fund advisor to the director respectively.

“Separate collection of waste is very important since it can be used as raw material to produce new products, thus reducing the environmental pollution, and in particular saving energy. This worthwhile investment will greatly contribute not only to waste management, but also to the protection of the environment, and improving the quality of life of each and every citizen of Municipality Velika,” said Ljiljana Bukovec, advisor to the director of the Fund.

“For us, this is a significant investment, 3.3 million kunas, of which HRK 2.76m is grant funding, and more than 500 thousand kunas has been provided from the budget of Municipality Velika. We are monitoring the trends, our municipalities and towns that already have recycling yards like this one. Our goal is to reduce the number of dumpsites, to actually manage waste and raise the awareness of the citizens about the need to look after the environment, an consequently for our children and our future. We have to learn how to separate and dispose of waste,” said Mr. Boban. He added that this was not the only investment in Municipality Velika with the assistance of the Ministry and the Fund, expressing his appreciation for their help. Energy renovation has been completed on both elementary schools and several community centres in Velika and the surrounding settlements.

Along with the activities of separate collection of waste on location, the project also includes the implementation of information and education activities for the citizens of Municipality Velika.

“It is a pleasure to mark the opening of another recycling yard. I am glad that a few years back you decided to take the step and build the recycling yard in Velika. It just one component of the infrastructure in Croatia that allows everyone to separate waste at source, so recycling yards are a must, along with the composting and sorting plants. In the last years, we have built more than 150 recycling yards in Croatia. This yard in Velika, along with the ones in Požega, Pleternica and Jakšić is a guarantee that Požega-Slavonija County is moving in the right direction,” said Minister Ćorić.