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Official meeting on waste management in Istria

23.06.2020. At the initiative of the director of the Fund, Siniša Kukić, a meeting was held with Fabrizio Radin, the head of Istria County, the mayors of Pula and Umag, Boris Miletić and Vili Bassanese respectively with associates, and the member of the Board of Kaštijun d.o.o. Vesna Dukić.

In the opening of the meeting, Director Kukić pointed oud that a regulated waste management system was the priority of the Republic of Croatia, adding that Istria had made a progress in complying with the objectives set out in EU directives. Istria County has an integrated system based on separate waste collection, while the waste which is not recyclable is disposed of in the Waste Management Centre Kaštijun. Director Kukić said he was familiar with certain challenges in the initial phase of operation of the Centre, but with joint efforts of Istria County, the company Kaštijun, the Fund and line ministry, sufficient resources were collected and the works on the optimisation of the centre are nearly finished.

Since the centre is operational, all units of local self-government have to dispose of their residual waste at Kaštijun. That is the reason why years-long disagreement about the transport of waste from Umag to WMC has to be resolved, regarding the price the Town has to pay

A constructive discussion in the meeting resulted in the conclusion that resolving this issue was in the best interest of all stakeholders. It was decided that contracts with a single price would be concluded with all units of local self-government, which would redefine the existing rights and obligations of all stakeholders in the waste management system in Istria County.