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Representatives of the Fund in working visit to Županja

11.03.2020. Director of the Fund Siniša Kukić and his co-workers held a working meeting with Davor Miličević, the mayor of the Town of Županja and other representatives of the Town.

Today, the Director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Siniša Kukić, and his co-workers held a working meeting with Davor Miličević, the mayor or the Town of Županja, and other representatives of the Town.

The cooperation of Županja with the Fund was assessed as excellent, in terms of both the completed projects and those in progress. The director of the Fund pointed out that the largest project currently under way was remediation of landfill Stara Ciglana. "Until the end of the week, the containers for separate collection of waste will be delivered to Županja, and by the end of the year it is planned to supply the containers for sorting the waste in households," said Director Kukić, adding he was certain Županja would continue cooperation with the Fund on many other projects that would contribute to improving the environmental protection and energy efficiency standard in the area of Županja.  

Davor Miličević, the mayor of Županja, expressed his interest in the calls announced by the Fund, as well as EU calls, of which the most interesting for the citizens were the programmes of co-financing energy efficiency renovation of family houses and energy renovation of apartment buildings. "The Town of Županja is currently implementing all the necessary actions, and will continue implementing them, so that in cooperation with the Fund the works on remediation of Stara ciglana will continue and be completed. Also, we would like to provide the required utility equipment, which is paramount in order to improve the performance efficiency, expand the services we are providing to the citizens, and to raise the current adequate environmental standard to an even greater level,” concluded Mr Miličević.