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Salvela – a new recycling yard in Novigrad

21.02.2020. The citizens of Novigrad have a new recycling yard – Salvela, where the equipment for collecting 48 different types of waste has been installed. The total investment is worth HRK 2.3 million, of which almost HRK 2 million has been financed from the Cohesion Fund.

At the opening ceremony, the director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Siniša Kukić, pointed out that sustainable waste management required quality infrastructure available to the citizens, including not only the containers, but also the construction of recycling yards. “For the concept of separate collection of waste at source to become fully operational, the Fund will supply Novigrad in the following days with 180 larger containers for separated collection of waste. The procurement procedure for the containers for sorting waste in households is under way, and in the second half of the year you should be getting around two thousand containers to complete your utility infrastructure,” added Director Kukić.

Director Kukić praised the educational activities that Novigrad has been implementing through the project Izdvoji s(v)e – Fai la differenza (Make a difference – separate waste). “I am confident that the citizens of Novigrad are aware waste is not just rubbish – it is also a valuable raw material, and I’m sure they will support this view by going often to this recycling yard,” said Kukić, concluding that the Fund will continue providing professional and financial support in the implementation of joint projects.

Anteo Milos, the mayor of Novigrad, has confirmed there have been many projects, and pointed out that this one was a special, 10th project, implemented together by the Town of Novigrad and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. “We have successfully implemented many projects, from modernising public lighting, energy renovation of kindergartens, schools, and some 100 family houses, as well as education of citizens and purchase of containers for collecting waste. In total, we were granted HRK 10 million, and we have invested just as much ourselves in these projects,” said mayor Milos. In conclusion, he invited all present media representatives, and others who could help, to make their contribution in educating and encouraging the people to accept the modern environmental trends, and to be aware that every change started with changing ourselves.