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The Fund awards smart bench to students for their presentation on sustainable consumption

17.06.2020. As the representative of the Evaluation Committee for the works received in the competition for primary and high schools students on the topic of “How to become a green consumer?”, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund presented the award – a smart bench – to High School Prelog, one of the three awarded schools.

Smart bench is an outdoor solar bench for the areas with ample sunlight, which does not need any additional power supply or infrastructural adaptation. It can be installed instead of the regular park bench, bringing a hint of modern design to public spaces, and at the same time serving as a WiFi hotspot and charge point for smart devices.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Environment and Energy Mario Šiljeg, Ph.D., presented the award on behalf of the Ministry and the Fund to the principal of High School Prelog, Tomislav Gregur, for the work of two pupils entitled: “Our role in fostering green consumption”.

On behalf of their schools, the awards were also received by the principal of Primary School Stjepan Benceković Horvati, Tatjana Bračun Haddad, and the pedagogue at the Centre for Education “Slava Raškaj” Zagreb, Nina Šimunović

The intention of the competition was to encourage the students to think about the way to change consumption so that sustainable products were given preference, meaning the products requiring less resources and having fewer negative impacts on the environment.

The competition was staged in February this year by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the number and quality of the works we received. They were very creative and innovative, which are the qualities that are held in high esteem globally, and should be further encouraged,” said State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts Nataša Mikuš Žigman during the award ceremony.

86 schools responded to the competition, indicating that the topic of sustainable consumption was popular among the young. This was additionally confirmed by the creative and original ides they showed in their presentations – what green consumption meant for them, how to become an environmentally friendly or green consumer, and proposals for what they would do to encourage environmentally friendly consumption in their schools and towns.

At the award ceremony, Deputy President of the Board of HANFA Jurica Jednačak pointed out that green, sustainable consumption included many aspect of daily life – from technology and transport to agriculture. He also pointed out the importance of education, mentioning the new webpage “Money for Tomorrow”, which HANFA launched for all those who want to learn and responsibly think about money.

Apart from the already mentioned awards, acknowledgements for applying and participation in the competition were presented to the representatives of: Primary School Gradac, VII Grammar School Zagreb, High School of Economics Požega, High Shcool Bedekovčina, Primary School Alojzije Stepinac - Zagreb, High School of Commerce Zagreb, Primary School Antun Augustinčić – Zaprešić, Occupational High School Velika Gorica, Graphics, Design and Media Production School, Sports and Grammar School Zagreb, Primary School Budrovci and High School Novska.