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The Fund granting HRK 8 million to “smart cities and municipalities”

19.06.2019. Today the Fund published the Public Call for co-financing the projects on the concepts of “smart cities and municipalities” with the aim of integrating technological solutions for the implementation of: sustainable development, efficient infrastructure, energy efficiency, and improving the overall quality of life of the citizens.

“The Fund provided HRK 8 million for this Call under which the smart cities and municipalities projects will be developed. Depending on the type of location – a town or municipality, the available grant will amount to 40, 60, or 80%, up to the maximum of 200 thousand kunas per application. The applicant, town or municipality, can submit the maximum of two applications. The innovative and efficient approach to running towns and municipalities, managing their resources, processes, and public services applying the latest digital technological solutions is essential for the overall development and improving the quality of life of Croatian citizens,” said the director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Dubravko Ponoš.

The areas eligible for project implementation in the town or municipality affairs under this call include: the economy, improving the safety of citizens and assets, sustainable transport, energy management, environmental protection, administration of the town or municipality, services and education, and the quality of life of the citizens.

The deadline for the submission of applications to the Public Call starts running 45 days after the publication of the Call on the website of the Fund, and it expires either at the end of the calendar year, or until the assets allocated for the call are used up. The applications for co-financing have to be sent by registered mail or delivered personally to the Fund’s registration office. All applications together with the mandatory documentation will be reviewed chronologically, according to the date and time of receipt at the post office or the Fund’s registration office.

“With this programme the Fund aims to stimulate the towns and municipalities to keep pace with the development and growth in order to meet the requirements of all their citizens. Even though in this regard Croatia still has a lot of work to do in comparison to the urban areas of the European Union, we are making baby steps in the right direction. Out of 128 Croatian towns, more than 40 are already developing the smart city concept and applying smart solutions contributing to a better quality of life in the city. We now aim to extend this concept to municipalities,” concluded Ponoš.

The deadline for submitting the application to the Public Call begins 45 days from the date of publication of the Public Call on the Fund's web site, ie the first day of the receipt of the application is 02 August 2019.

More about the Call and the required documentation is available here.