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Working Meeting on the topic of projects in the Knin area

17.07.2020. The representatives of the Fund participated in the Working Meeting in the Town of Knin today, discussing the completed and the future projects for waste management and energy efficiency.

The participants in the meeting in Knin were: the director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Siniša Kukić, the mayor of Knin, Marko Jelić, head of Municipality Biskupija, Milan Đurđević, and other representatives of these institutions. After the meeting, they all visited landfill Mala Promina and the recycling yard.

“In the first phase of remediation of landfill Mala Promina, the Fund granted to Knin around 10 million kunas, accounting for 85% of the value of all contracted works and services, totalling around 11.7 million kunas,” said Director of the Fund Siniša Kukić. It was planned to use the landfill “Mala Promina” until the opening of the waste management centre Bikarac. Around 5,000 m3 of mixed municipal waste is disposed of at the landfill from the areas around Knin, and from municipalities Biskupija, Promina and Kijevo. After the closure of the landfill, the second phase of the remediation project will be applied for co-financing from EU funds.

One of the recently completed projects in the Knin areas is the new recycling yard, which was opened late last year, and which allowed the inhabitants in the area to dispose of and sort their waste free of charge. This also contributed to reducing illegal dumping of waste and increasing separate collection of waste.

“The new recycling yard has allowed our citizens to properly separate waste and preserve this beautiful environment. In cooperation with associations we are also providing education for the citizens, which we consider to be vital in order to set up an effective waste management system,” said Marko Jelić, the mayor of Knin. He added that this was not the only investment in Knin in cooperation with the Fund: energy renovation of the elementary school was completed, and the renovation of the old people’s home was in progress, worth around HRK 4 million, for which HRK 1.7m had been secured from EU funds. 

The entire waste management system in Knin will become even better after the town gets through the Fund around 5700 containers for households. It is also planned to purchase the new utility vehicle that will significantly improve the quality of service that the town utility company “Čistoća i zelenilo” is providing to its citizens.

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic our programmes were on hold, but in June the Fund officially resumed with all planned activities. Until the end of the year, the plan is to grant more than HRK 600 million to the citizens and business,” announced Director Kukić, adding that the co-financing of energy renovation would start on 1 September, giving the citizens enough time over the summer to prepare and gather all the necessary documentation. 

“The percentage of financing will be 60 percent for all, while the Fund will fully finance the renovation to the vulnerable groups of citizens. The list of priority houses in the specific areas will be prepared and proposed by the local welfare centres,” said Kukić, adding that the Fund expected great interest from the people in the Knin area.